To be a pro in every game you play you need to have the best setup to accommodate comfort and movement for when you are gaming for hours at a time. Whether you are using a traditional gaming desktop/console set up or are using a more unique gaming simulator, possibly similar to ones found at websites such as or on other gaming websites, comfort is key to enjoying your experience. Here is a list of various things I have compiled to help you find the best gaming equipment for your personal gaming experience.


You need to find the best chair that suits your body shape and needs. Whether you’re a fan of esports, battle, adventure or life sim games, you’ll have a much better experience if you’re comfortable. You need to consider the weight it can hold, the body height, and whether it has moveability, or it will just break in the first couple of weeks. One of the best gaming chairs that have been reported from multiple websites is ‘Secretlab Titan’, which should hopefully provide all these key features that you need for the perfect gaming chair.

Keyboard and Mouse

If you are playing computer games, then an essential element of this would be a gaming keyboard and mouse. In terms of a keyboard, you are looking for something with bulkier keys that will help you mash buttons when it is needed, these have been designed specifically for speed and precision. A gaming mouse needs to be highly responsive and have the best sensors so that you are not lagging on the screen. These two elements combined help to improve gameplay and get you those wins!


The computer you are using must be able to provide fast download and upload times so that you do not have interrupted gameplay, or you are not waiting hours for the progress bar to be completed. Having a great cooling fan within the system, also ensures that you can play for a longer period of time, without your computer crashing out. Furthermore, a great computer is useless if you don’t have a reliable internet connection so try looking at things like bend broadband internet to ensure that your gameplay isn’t interrupted and you can play for long periods of time.


It is always handy to have two or three monitors whilst you are gaming for the purposes of having the game chat open, along with other channels, as well as playing the game on the other screen. The monitors need to be able to provide high-quality graphics in addition to being relatively large so that you can see smaller details within the game.

All these elements combined should provide you with the perfect gaming setup so that you can carry on gaming for hours in a comfortable and relaxing space.

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