Bluetooth speakers use invisible waves (instead of wires) to transfer music from a source device to an amplifier. These speakers act like standard speakers, but instead of using an audio cable, they receive Bluetooth sound.


With regular speakers, they receive the signal via hard-wired speaker cables. Wired active speakers can be configured to receive both microphone and instrument signal by routing it through a special audio cable, depending on the player’s setting.


Since they don’t have a physical connection to your system, Bluetooth speakers use radio waves to connect to your Bluetooth.


The amplifier built into the Bluetooth speaker will pick up the signal wirelessly transmitted audio signal.


For the time being, most protocols will be compatible with Bluetooth devices (i.e., cell phones, laptops, gaming consoles, etc.) can be used with standard audio devices and electrical lines. A power amplifier must increase this sound level before it can drive the speakers.

To work with an audio device, you must pair (connect) it. I will describe the process of connecting Bluetooth speakers to various audio devices in the How to Pair Bluetooth Speakers section.


A successful pairing may be established once a connection is made between the digital audio device and the speaker.


Consider those voice assistants with playback control to send information to the audio device if we use the smart speakers.


There are two necessary filter stages between the digital audio input and the speakers.


First, we must digitize the audio signal to be used with Bluetooth because of digital audio transmission. Analog-to-to-digital converters are part of most modern recording devices, making it possible to use your recording media with the recording software.


This follows the passing of an audio signal through a power amplifier, after which it is converted into digital. The speaker’s output impedance will be high enough to power the speaker.


The driver converts the analog signal into sound waves. This is how the audio signal from a Bluetooth speaker is presented to our ears.


What is Bluetooth?


Before the invention of sharing apps, Bluetooth was the only user-friendly technology that helps us transmit files from one device to another.  Bluetooth is a low-energy wireless connectivity solution that lets your compatible devices communicate with each other through pairing. It is a wireless connectivity technology. A device’s design uses very high-frequency radio waves to swap data between fixed and mobile devices in the short-band.


Specifically, it uses the 2.402 GHz to 2.480 GHz microwave range to transmit data online. More information on Bluetooth technology is beyond this article’s scope, but we can discuss its basics. One of the fascinating things about Bluetooth technology is its range of applications.


If we dig deeper, Bluetooth technology can do a lot more than connecting two devices and transmitting data.


How to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker?


We can connect Bluetooth speakers to any compatible devices. This will provide us excellent sound quality while playing our favorite music, watching movies, and playing games. Here are some guides to help us connect the Bluetooth speaker on our devices.


Connecting to an iPhone


We can do only once the pairing process of a Bluetooth speaker and our iPhone devices. If we already pair our Bluetooth speaker, it automatically connects when the two devices are powered on.


  • Turn on the Bluetooth speaker and set it to pairing mode.
  • On the iPhone, open the Settings from the home screen, and choose Bluetooth.
  • Use “Other Devices” to search for the name of the Bluetooth audio device. It may take a while to appear, so have a little patience about it.
  • Select the Bluetooth speaker’s name and connect the two devices. Pairing takes a few seconds. When the connection is made, the display updates to Connected.


Connecting to an Android Phone


Just like iPhone, we do only once the pairing process. The process is also the same with iPhone.


  • Turn on the Bluetooth speaker and set it to Bluetooth mode. Some speakers may have a voice prompt like “Bluetooth Mode.”
  • On your android device, open the Settings App from the home screen, and select Bluetooth.
  • Switch on your Bluetooth.
  • The “Paired devices” will appear automatically.
  • When our Bluetooth speaker’s name did not appear on the “Other devices,” select the “Search for devices.” It will take a while to discover the Bluetooth speaker, so wait.
  • Select the Bluetooth speaker’s name and connect. Pairing takes a while. A successful connection is made when the display becomes Connected/Paired.
  • Now you can enjoy listening to your phones’ audio via a Bluetooth speaker.


Our mobile devices already have a built-in speaker for us to maximize the features of our phones. But if we want more, we can purchase a Bluetooth speaker that will add quality to the sound coming from these devices. A Bluetooth speaker enables us to share the audio from our devices with our family or friends. It is a good to create a bond by listening to the radio or our favorite playlists.

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