Twitch is one of the leading live-streaming platforms for video games and has a huge audience (over 7 million unique viewers per month). With it, viewers can watch live broadcasts of other people playing video games and even be part of the action themselves by playing along and interacting with the streamer and other viewers. If you’re a lover of video games or just want to connect with people who share your interests, Twitch can be a great place to hang out.

Twitch streaming is arguably the newest trend in online media. It allows the average user to become a content creator, something that was previously only achievable by trained professionals. With the help of a steady internet connection, the best vpn for streaming, and a knack for gaming, Twitch streaming could very well become a leading profession soon! It’s also a growing industry, with more people than ever before wanting to get in on the action. One of the most exciting features of the Twitch streaming platform is the ability to interact with live streamers in real-time. Plus, the app is compatible with a number of gaming consoles, including the latest 4k gaming TVs available from providers like VIZIO. This makes it a preferred streaming app for gamers worldwide. But with a flood of new users joining the site every day, it can be hard to know which streamers are worth watching. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best streamers out there that you should keep an eye on.

  1. PunkaGod

If you’ve read any of gaming blogs or looked at any of the popular gaming forums, you’ve no doubt seen mentions of a player named Punkdagod. That’s all it is, a name. But it’s a name that’s been known in the gaming world for over a decade. Punkdagod is a very, very good player in the classic game “Quake,” considered an all-time great player. He has won world championships in the game and is viewed as a legend among gamers.


As one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, GreekGodX plays a variety of video games to an audience of loyal followers who tune in daily to watch him. One of the main reasons for his continued success is that he plays games that his community wants to see. Once, when his viewers were itching for some Grand Theft Auto action, he was happy to oblige by streaming the game for over 24 hours straight.

  1. Krystalogy

The popularity of the Krystalogy twitch streamer has grown considerably in the last few months. In the last couple of months, the number of people watching her stream has risen to an astonishing 200,000 per month. It’s really an amazing feat, especially considering the fact that she started playing games on the internet only less than a year ago.

One of Krystalogy twitch streamer’s most popular games is Overlay: The Game. It’s a relatively new concept: the real-life overlay. The game experience is supposed to be realistic and does not involve any special graphics.

  1. PaladinAmber

Say hello to your new favorite streamer: PaladinAmber! Whether it’s deckbuilding or dungeon delving, she will keep you entertained. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, she’ll be happy to share her wisdom. Whether you’re a hardcore competitor or a casual weekend warrior, she’ll still be happy to help you improve. She’s got a great personality, and she always puts on an enjoyable show.

  1. DrDisrespect

DrDisrespect is a contentious one to include. He was a twitch streamer, but now has moved to Youtube after being banned from the platform. Still, he is an online gaming personality that has become known for his hilarious on-stream antics and for the many memes that have come out of his gaming sessions. However, what most people don’t know is that he’s actually a father, husband, and professional gamer, who works hard to maintain his career while also looking after his family. This means the public perception of him might be a little skewed: he’s not just a funny guy who plays video games.

  1. Tommyinnit

Tommyinnit is a 27-year-old twitch streamer hailing from Manchester, UK. Known to his followers as Tommy, he has been streaming for almost 4 years. Having started with the intention of streaming to the world about his passion for football (soccer in America), he has now taken on a more relaxed type of stream and is most commonly found playing games such as Rocket League, CS:GO, and World of Warcraft.

That’s all of the best streamers that you should start watching if you haven’t yet and also keep an eye on.

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